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Biodanza Holidays

Biodanza & Yoga Retreat
Date to be confirmed


Biodanza Aquatica  
Trances of Sublime Pleasure

Date to be announced


Biodanza 3rd Social Forum

The Power of Love
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Minotaur Project

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Antoinette has been involved in the Genesis project since 2007 working with employees and company directors to help to expand vision, develop better working practices, improve relations, develop creative potential etc. It is a powerful system to stimulate authenticity, transparency and congruence. Biodanza is a potent system for use in Companies with employees, managers, directors etc. 

The system uses the Biocentric Principle to help the company to re-evaluate the working pattern and environment and to develop a new mission statement. Mediation, change, Conflict resolution, team building, strengthening, creativity, expansion of vision are all areas where Biodanza can make a big transformation.

It is possible for us to come into the company or for us to enter a residential setting for this training. Can be a one day program or longer program.


In Biodanza we recognize the needs that every child has to go through at different stages. It is possible for us to offer a programme in a school setting. We can also work with the teachers to help them to understand the stage and
the needs of the children


Biodanza with Children

Biodanza is a special form of dance – Love, respect, equality, diversity. Growing self esteem, creativity, friendship Dancing from the feeling. It brings new energy and more affection relationships that you have with your son or your daughter. Your child can come alone or you can attend with your child.

Organised by: Antoinette Lorraine

Director: IBF Rolando Toro School of Biodanza, Bristol
Tel: 07784787635

(Weekly group for adults Every Tuesday )


Biodanza is used in all types of clinical settings: women with eating disorders, obesity, depression, mental health, disability, special needs, chronic pain, cancer, visually impaired, hearing impaired.


This is another area where Biodanza can help to give more quality of life and enjoyment.


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