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Biodanza Holidays

Biodanza & Yoga Retreat
Date to be confirmed


Biodanza Aquatica  
Trances of Sublime Pleasure

Date to be announced


Biodanza 3rd Social Forum

The Power of Love
Date to be confirmed


Minotaur Project

Date to be Announced

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6th Biodanza HolidayExperience
Arillas Tribe in Corfu

Honouring Our Magnificent Essence
Abundant and Joyful Living
3-10 September 2019


Biodanza & Massage
The Art of Massaging with the Four Elements
The art of massaging with the Elements
5/6 October 2019


 Biodanza Weekend Workshop 
with Pilar Pena (Madrid)  in Bristol
Pilar Pena
'Stimulating Vitality,
Energy & Harmony in Our Lives'
26/27 October 2019

‘Trance and Regression:
Returning to the Source ‘
Helene-Jeanne Levy Benseft
With Helene-Jeanne Levy Benseft
(Nice, France) 
22/23 February 2020


14th Biodanza International
Tribal Gathering

Winterswijk Netherlands

A Summer Festival Celebration
22 July- 26 July 2020


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