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Impression of Biodanza Tribal
Gathering Winterswijk,

Biodanza Aquatica  
Trances of Sublime Pleasure

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Biodanza 3rd Social Forum

The Power of Love
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The Minotaur Project 2018

Special Events
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Date: 27/10/2018 - 28/10/2018

City: Avon, United Kingdom

The Minotaur-Project represents a transformational work in Biodanza

with  Antoinette Lorraine 


In Biodanza we stimulate the healthy part of being Human.The Minotaur is a branch of Biodanza and its methodology offers us access to our identity and a more abundant life by means of overcoming inner blocks. The labyrinth is an archetypal metaphor for our existence with its pathways and bends symbolizing the doubts and mysteries along our path of life.

The minotaur is a mythical creature with a human body and a bull's head, in Biodanza it symbolizes the wild and instinctive, which lives in us as primal force. The goal of the minotaur project is to regain access to this primal force. Restore this power again. Embracing your inner minotaur. Our fear of this power reveals itself through various fears in daily life. Through individual and group dance rituals we meet our fears and we find the courage to dance them. It is a very deepening and transforming weekend.

‘It is really difficult for me to find the words that do justice for the depth of healing and soul retrieval that i not only experienced for myself but also had the honour to witness in my fellow companions. The level of truth, courage and presence that each person brought allowed for the huge transformation of fears, wounds and our future as we move forward to live it with passion and bravery. It was such a heart opening, humbling journey to deeper love. The space and safety that you created Antoinette was as always perfection. My message to anyone thinking of attending this in the future - please do, you will move and to be moved in unconditiional love.’ Sophie


Place: Main Hall, St Werburghs Primary School, James Street, Bristol
(Please note it’s the second school near the bridge)
Cost: £125 Please bring food to share for the breaktime's
IBF Rolando Toro School of Biodanza Bristol UK
Reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  -






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The Minotaur Project 2018
With Antoinette Lorraine

Saturday 27 October 11-8pm
Sunday 28 October 10-5pm



13th Biodanza International
Tribal Gathering

Winterswijk Holland

Summer Festival Celebration
24 July- 28 July 2019


6th Biodanza Holiday Experience
Arillas Tribe  Corfu

Honouring Our Magnificent Essence

3-10 September 2019