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Impression of Biodanza Tribal
Gathering Winterswijk,

Biodanza Aquatica  
Trances of Sublime Pleasure

Date to be announced


Biodanza 3rd Social Forum

The Power of Love
Date to be confirmed



Biodanza - Re-Learning the art of Living

A unique system of personal development:

Come and join us in a fusion of music, movement and feeling, re-connecting you with the experience of being alive, being in the moment and being accepted for just who you are and its a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with new people on a very real level at your own pace, in your own time. 
No steps to learn, nothing to get right or wrong.It can lead you to the experience of vital aliveness, joy, happiness, peace, relaxation, fun, laughter, love and friendship. 

(Holiday break schedule varies so if you are new please check by emailing me)


St Peter's Community Church Hall

Every Thursday 7-9pm

St Peter's Community Church Hall,
211 St Fagans Rd,





Every Tuesday 7-9pm

All Saints Church Hall, 
Pembroke Road (Alma Vale Road Entrance, Upstairs)
BS8 3ED 




There are also monthly  classes in Abergavenny, Newport, Swansea (please enquire)
If you would like a class in your area please contact Antoinette Lorraine
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   +44 7784787635

'I cannot thank you enough for bringing biodanza into my life, it is so wonderful and you are the most incredible teacher! I feel that I am embarking on something that is truly life changing, profound and beautiful. You and the group are amazing!     
Thank you  thank you thank you! ‘ Sian

'Hi Antoinette and friends, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience last night. It was my first taste of Biodanza and I can’t wait to come back for another session! From the moment I entered the room, people were welcoming me and          the warmth of you all put me at ease immediately. I loved the structure of the sessions and the wonderful music and encouragement to be expressive in movement and connection with self and others. I felt wonderfully relaxed but energised at      the end.I know I’m new, but I would certainly be interested in a weekend workshop and/or residential at some point as I would love to take any opportunity to deepen my experience and understanding of Biodanza.’ Jill

The Biodanza immersion was powerful and beautiful. 
I've done all kinds of training's and workshops over almost 3 decades and I'm clear that the Biodanza system is supreme. Why it works for me, in simple terms, is because it's a path with a heart that celebrates embodiment. I believe all kinds of healing can come from this position!’ Richard

'It was a lovely exploration on Thursday and I felt immersed in it! Thank you. I am very much enjoying discovering more each week  alongside such a beautiful group of people. I feel personal changes already e.g. more meaningful connection of mind-body-spirit when I hug a friend when meeting them and being aware of the quality of my gaze with others so that I am  embodying more compassion and acceptance. Shame is so prevalent in our society and the averted gaze so much the norm that this feel like a    subversive act in itself! I am sure my relationships with in the world will change and deepen as a result and I will attract different energies around me. So wonderful to have discovered  Biodanza.’ Jill

 When we join a Biodanza weekly group we enter into a process of development reinforced by each other and without any judgement:Each participant has the opportunity to be in an exploration of themselves with the support of the group. and its fun!.................................

The Minotaur Project 2018
With Antoinette Lorraine

Saturday 27 October 11-8pm
Sunday 28 October 10-5pm



13th Biodanza International
Tribal Gathering

Winterswijk Holland

Summer Festival Celebration
24 July- 28 July 2019


6th Biodanza Holiday Experience
Arillas Tribe  Corfu

Honouring Our Magnificent Essence

3-10 September 2019